4.)ZUMBA DA this unique piece of music has a marching band orchestral band laying down the bases for an Afro/ Latin drumming style grove.

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description of my album the Bushman CD Some of the instruments featured or E-MU Xl-7, ASR X Pro, Krog M1, Roland Sound Pad-80, Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Mambo Bell, Guiro, Surdo (1st-2nd-3rd), Repiqe, Caixa, Platinella, Agogo, Triangle, Cuica, Berimbau, Shakeree, Djembe, Timbau, Djune Djune, Fontun Fon, set of 8ft – 15” Pvc, Atun pons, Udu, Bird calls, Ocean wavemaker, Shakers and other different percussions.


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