8. Logun ede


8. Logun ede

This album is about Music of the Orixas is composed by Jorge Alabe and Curtis Pierre of live drumming from Condomble, an Afro Brasilian Religion from  Nigeria


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This CD is a compilation of Songs and Rhythms of the Orixas with a little touch of instrumental flavor and sounds of natural elements these are all traditional songs and rhythms of Afro-Brazilian Candomble houses of Brazil.    

    Jorge Bezerra also known as Jorge “Alabe”. A renowned Chief master drummer of the Candomblé Houses throughout Brasil. He is highly respected among all the Escola de Samba groups of Rio de Janeiro.  His most recent experience has been with the international touring group “Oba Oba” of which he has been a member for the past 20 years. “Oba Oba” is the internationally renowned Brazilian showcase highlighting Brazil’s rich cultural heritage through music, songs, and dance. He was also the director of the Minas Gerias Samba School in Bela Horizonte, Brazil.

8. Logun ede


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