Casa Samba Video Gallery

 This Gallery is about the “New Look” of CASA SAMBA. Starting merging of Brazilian Carnival music and New Orleans Carnaval music Curtis Pierre and Casa Samba while at the same time keeping it real. With special guest artists and musicians from New Orleans Ben Hunter, James Andrews, Big chief Shaka Zulu, Big chief Honey, One shot brass band, The roots of music children’s Band, Blake Amos, Jordan and Glenn from Black Masking Indians and the Samba Kids. It was a  night to remember with Brasilian Icon superstar Singer of Samba Neguinho Da Beija Flor Champion Samba school of Carnaval 2018 here in New Orleans for the first major U.S. Tour. Performing with Casa Samba for their first Fundraiser started this 2018. A Casa Samba version of Tricentennial 300 By Curtis Pierre and the “GANG”
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