ORIXA DANCE Presentation

A presentation of the Afro Brazilian Religion cold Condomble. Compared to Catholicism they would be considered saints, Not God's of this city The African Queen Oxum and Yansa Orixas of Africa Exist in this city just look at the Mississippi River and do winds and of the Hurricanes that passed through New Orleans. This is a presentation of a few of the different Orixas Do your research on this topic.


Alternative to the New Orleans voodoo show a simple yet Highly traditional, authentic and colorful presentation/ demo of the theatrical rendition of the Afro Brazilian cultural religions "Condomble" commonly known as "MACUMBA" this is a inferences of this performance is based upon traditional dance, singing and drumming in this presentation we do does not use animals unless requested.
If you are not familiar what the word Orixa means a good comparison/definition would be patron Saints similar to St. Mary, St. Joseph and so on. In Brazil by way of African traditions this shows the similar characteristics. This show is comparative to the New Orleans voodoo performances with the exception of NOT using animals such as chickens or snakes. This is a spiritual presentation with the main focus on being authentic and traditional chants, costumes, dancing and drumming. This is only a representation of the Afro-Brasilian religion Candomblé not a ceremony. This presentation is for educational purposes only. if you are familiar with the Orixas (saints).
These names of some of the Orixas include our presentation: “Ogum, Obaluae, Oxum, Yansa, Xango, and Oxumare dance of the Cobra, and Oxala". All are represented in their traditional dresses and designated colors as well as movements and gestures that are characteristic of each of the Orixas. The dances are accompanied by 4 drummers playing traditional drums. The presentation starts with traditional drumming, followed by a procession of the Orixas. Each Orixas is called out by its distinct rhythm and salutation and performs its particular dance with songs. The shows conclude with the Orixas spreading blessings and good vibrations as they procession off stage.
...................The total show consists of 20 - 25 people can be done with a minimum of six people this can be a 15 to 45 minutes show depending on the occasion it can be extended. VIDEO.... ......WATCH THE VIDEO