CASA SAMBA’s Afro-Brasilian Fusion Percussion Ensemble Video samples

Small snippets of African string instruments African percussion I hope to make a fusion to play Brazilian music and African music all at the same time. Playing traditional Brazilian rhythms on traditional African instruments

Opera house with Giovanni Santos

A performance done collaboration with the melon fellowship of Tulane university and Mestre Curtis & casa samba for a highlighted performance for the community.

Zulu Ball 2022

2022 Zulu Carnation Ball February 25

Perform with Casa Samba

This is the time where the audience gets to participate in the performance. As an interactive Brazilian Carnival Experience.

Take a photo with us

This is a Gallery About aPrivate party, Where the client wanted to take pictures and also participate in the Performance with us some small choreography

Kapoeira Kids Part two

Kapoeira Kids training part two

Casa Samba New Video Gallery

These are videos of Casa Samba's latest performances