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Tuesday - Thursday
Samba Class

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Wednesday - Friday
Capoeira Angola Kids

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Wednesday - Friday
Capoeira Angola Adults

7:00pm - 9:00pm


9:30am - 12:00pm
Kids Classes


10:30am - 12:00pm
Beginner Samba Adults

Class Location only - 800 RACE street N.O.LA. 70130

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    New Orleans Leader in Brasilian Entertanment
    The Next Best Thing to a Trip to Brasil "Times Picayune"
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    Brasilian Entertanment
    At your next event
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    Carnaval brasileira

    "WOW" Your audiences with the re-creation of Carnival in Brasil View our entertainment services
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    Carnaval of Brazil

    Bring the flavors of Brasil to your next Event

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Casa Samba has been performing over 25 years at Events Like Super Bowl parades, Festivals, American Express Commercial, McDonald's, Mardi Gras balls like the Krewe of Endymion and Zulu Balls and hundreds of conventions and special events


Casa Samba relies on being professional; being on time, commitment to following instructions as well as being customizable to make your event and unforgettable experience


Casa Samba is a unique experience alternative after they have the New Orleans Mardi Gras experience they can have the experience of being at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro or Salvador Bahia.

types of performances and recommendations

A quick overview of our performances

casa samba

about our services

    All performance components can be booked as one complete package or as an individual performance. Also any combination of a preferred performance or performances can be arranged according to your specification. Other components may be added such as African style Stilt Dancers, Traditional African Dance, Caribbean Steel Band, Mardi Gras Indians, Brass bands and Brasilian Jazz Band etc.
      Casa Samba is very unique over the years we have developed a skill called performance in a box. The way that works is simple once you purchase something in a box you open it up and you expect everything to be working correctly and ready to go taken for granted that many performances and spending thousands is not always necessary for dressing rooms this is very convenient for clients who want to put something a little extra at the last minute without a lot of overhead costs. This plug-and-play Technique has worked well for years.

about our staff

Our combine staff has either lived or studied in Brazil over the years. We have some of the top experience professionals in the country with many years of experience about the Carnaval in Brasil and Afro Brazilian cultural traditions.

meet our staff
about what we do

Casa Samba has many service options. Please take a look at the Performances, programs and services that we offer. All programs are completely customizable. Serve with excellence and Professionalism since 1987

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special classes

LEARN TRADITIONAL DANCES & DRUM RHYTHMS OF BRASIL For more info call 504-236-7479 dance classes with live musicians playing traditional Brazilian rhythms, children's classes, samba percussion and Capoeira Angola

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     1.) Casa Samba's Rio de Janeiro Samba Show Experience. A high energy non-stop show presenting the traditional rhythms, songs, dances and costumes of Brazil. Casa Samba re-creates the sights and sounds of Brazil, this show captures the feel of being in Rio de Janeiro we also feature the afro-Brasilian Blocos. Bateria show (percussion band),Passistas (dancers), and Samba Enredos (traditional samba songs from the samba schools in Rio de Janeiro - 15-30-45 minute sets about 12-24 people needed for this set For All the above show it would consists of about 30- 35 people This type ofperformance it is recommended for conventions, special events,Theatre, Festivals and private parties.

    2.) To kick off a conventions or meeting sessions opening or closing as well as in between long sessions. Casa Samba Guidance Parades; This parade assists with moving large and small conventioneers from one location to another, indoor or outdoor.

    3.) Casa Samba Food Delivery, this a great way to "WOW" your guest for dinner or luncheon events. The guests are amazed when they hear and see Samba Parade leading out the waiters and servers with their favorite dish or desert. Generally this is done with an exotic desert or special food entree.

    4.) Casa Samba Parade performance, this is one of the most in demand for our group. To be able to parade through an event and stop to perform at different locations or stop spontaneously in the middle of the event. This can happen while one band stops and the stage need to be re-set and there is a 15 to 20 minute downtime before the next band. This will take all the attention away from the set change and keep your event up with high energy

    5.) MEET and GREET, starting by standing at the main entrance of an event as conventioneers enter, after most guest have arrived then before the events starts. We can do a parade around the area to get their attention focused on the start of the event. We can also return and close the same event with different costumes.

The new Orleans leader in Brazilian entertainment since 1989

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