Casa Samba is proud to announce our partnership with Academico do Salgueiro, making us the first Samba institution in the US to be affiliated with them. This partnership has been in the making since, Mestre Curtis first visited Brazil in 1988. Over the years, he has developed relationships within the Escola Samba communities, includin.    
     Lazaro Franco who initially opened this connection. Our partnership with Academico do Salgueiro has been strengthened by the collaboration with Guilherme and Gustavo Olivera, who are now the Directors of the Bateira. They were brought to New Orleans through our New Orleans and Brasil Day festival, where Sabrina Ginga, the assistant dance choreographer of Salgueiro, played a pivotal role. This partnership was officially announced during the Samba festivities 2024 and serves as a pep rally for the upcoming Carnaval group presentation at the Samba Drome(dome). We are honored to be part of this historic Samba school affiliation and look forward to the future collaborations it will bring. Obrigado to the President of Salgueiro

      Check out the video oh the Mestre Curtis’s personal video footage of this historical and epic Carnaval encounter 2024 in Rio de Janeiro with G.R.E.S. Academicos do Salgueiro