Kapoeira Angola

New Orleans Grupo BESOURO

Mestre Curtis Pierre

Mestre Curtis Pierre NEW students by appointment only
Fresh New Ways
For Conditioning Your Body
Increase Strenthing,
Coordination And Flexibility
Develop Strategy,
Ballance, And Natural Awareness
Kapoeira Angola
Is Kapoeira Angola Right for You?
Kapoeira Angola
Kapoeira for Children's Starting at the age of 5.
Kapoeira Kids Practice
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A non-aggressive approach to martial art form the Kongo Africa 

Increase upper body strength Learn about Brasilian Culture and get fit

Welcome to Mestre Curtis Kapoeira Angola Class in New Orleans

 These are some acquired benefits from practicing Kapoeira Angola 

Increase awareness using a pre-visualization technique by being aware of what your body is capable of and ability to be able to visualize the movements you need to execute in your mind naturally. Also  knowing your energy level along with  controlling and maintaining your emotional levels

 Tranquility – Calmness – Patience -Self-Control

Cleverness – deception and tactical maneuvers

 Rhythm – Expression – Feeling – Re-connect to your Soul – ” both Mind and Body”

Freedom of movement – Mobility – Balance

Naturalness – Subtlety

Objectivity – self-preservation, and protection AKA Self Defense



A Kapoeira Study Guide

By Mestre Curtis Pierre