What We Do Best


1.) Casa Samba Rio de Janeiro Experience

A high energy non-stop show presenting the traditional rhythms, songs, dances and costumes of Brazil. Casa Samba re-creates the sights and sounds of Brazil, this show captures the feel of being in Rio de Janeiro Bateria show (percussion band), Passistas (dancers)- 30-45 minute sets about 12-20 people needed for this set. This type of performance it is recommended for conventions, special events,Theatre, Festivals and private parties.“CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO……”

2. Casa Samba’s newest Show – New Orleans Rio de Janeiro Experience

The Blending of New Orleans Afro-Carnival Culture with Afro-Brazilian carnival this is a must see event. Highlighting The masquerading Indian tribes of New Orleans, Historical characters like the baby dolls,Second line dances(Officially called Buck Jumpers. African dressed stilt Dancers And other Afro related masquerade Figures check out the videos.“CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO BRASILIAN NEW ORLEANS CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE…..”

3.To kick off a convention meeting or opening a session

Casa Samba Guidance Parades; This parade assists with moving large and small conventioneers from one location to another, indoor or outdoor.CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO…..

4. Casa Samba’s Food and Dessert Delivery

This a great way to “WOW” your guest for dinner or luncheon events. The guests are amazed when they hear and see Samba Parade leading out the waiters and servers with their favorite dish or desert. Generally this is done with an exotic desert or special food entree.

5. Casa Samba’s Parade Performance

This is one of the most in demand for our group. To be able to parade through an event and stop to perform at different locations or stop spontaneously in the middle of the event. This can happen while one band stops and the stage need to be re-set and there is a 15 to 20 minute downtime before the next band. This will take all the attention away from the set change and keep your event up with high energy“CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO…..” 6.) MEET and GREET, starting by standing at the main entrance of an event as conventioneers enter, after most guest have arrived then before the events starts. We can do a parade around the area to get their attention focused on the start of the event. We can also return and close the same event with different costumes.“CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO…..”

 Don’t forget about the power of parades

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