2.)BRASIL NUT?this song has the traditional South American feel of the music from the samba schools of North Brazil in Bahia, is commonly known as samba Afro. Listen to this music;

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Description of my album the Bushman CD Some of the instruments featured or E-MU Xl-7, ASR X Pro, Krog M1, Roland Sound Pad-80, Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Mambo Bell, Guiro, Surdo (1st-2nd-3rd), Repiqe, Caixa, Platinella, Agogo, Triangle, Cuica, Berimbau, Shakere, Djembe, Timbau, Djune Djune, Fontun Fon, set of 8ft – 15” Pvc, Atun pons, Udu, Bird calls, Ocean wave maker, Shakers and other different percussion.


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