Casa Samba FAQ's


Q. If I have a group that is very conservative, how can Casa Samba work for us?

A. Casa Samba is able to perform in just about any atmosphere, just tell us what your concerns are and
we will do our very best to accommodate your request to make your event both memorable and educational.

Q. What do you do at a conservative event such as a church, school or private organization?

A. Usually change the costumes and perform a Brasilian dance style that would be appropriate for the event or what is requested from you.

O. Can I pick the type of performance I want and the amount of people I want?

A. Yes, depending on the type of performance needed. we recommend the following...
     1. small event/ big impact- you will need a large to medium size group
     2. large event/ small impact- a medium to small group would be needed

Q. How much set-up time is needed for Casa Samba?

A. For a parade, little to none. A simple walk through of the route of the parade or procession prior to the event. For a stage show- 15 minutes to an hour  set-up time is needed depending on the type of stage performance requested.

Q. Can Casa Samba make special costumes or memorabilia to commemorate a particular event?

A. Yes, with enough advance notice, special costumes and or memorabilia can be made.

Q. What is a parade/performance?

A. A parade/performance is when Casa Samba parades into the event area  and goes to a pre-determined area and performs and then parades out.

Q. Does Casa Samba need sound equipment for a parade indoor or outdoor?

A. No.

Q. Can Casa Samba help move large amounts of people from one place to another?

A. Yes this is one of our specialties.

Q. Do you meet and greet people?

A. Yes, we also point the convention participants in the direction they need to go to find a specific event location.

Q. Does Casa Samba travel?

A. Yes.

Q. Does Casa Samba need a dressing room or green room?

A. Absolutely. If by any chance a dressing area is not available a secure area or personal or both will be needed to hold personal small items i.e. jacket, coats, extra instruments and costumes.

Q. What's the difference between a Samba Show and a Folkloric Show?

A. A Samba Show is a performance that involves the aspects surrounding carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, but some Afro-Brasilian dances can be included.
     A Folkloric Show is mainly dedicated to African influential dances and traditions of Brasil in general, but can include the samba as well.    

Q. Can my event's group members perform with Casa Samba?

Yes. There is a number of ways this can happen. Two simple ways are as follows:
    1.) During the performance Casa Samba likes to have audience participation at end of our performances, all on a volunteer basis.
    2.) To give your members an opportunity to experience Carnival, Casa Samba can teach basic samba dance and drumming to your members prior to the performance ( Usually done in a workshop earlier in the day or the day before-costumes can also be provided)

 Q. Does Casa Samba perform during meetings?

A. Yes, this a perfect way to wake up a sleepy morning or bored audience. This works well at opening morning meetings or re-energize participants during long meetings. This works best as a surprise appearance approach. 

Q. What types of events do you usually perform for?
 A. Parades, festivals, floor shows, private parties, conventions, meetings, weddings, children shows, demonstrations, lectures, school or university performances.

Q. What is Sambasize?

A. Sambasize is basically learning to do the "Samba dance" in a workout exercise atmosphere with  a samba instructor and live samba music or Cd.   Depending on the type of group, the levels of intensity, the classes can be low, low-medium or high impact.