Samba Cabula Track 5


Samba Cabula – This cut is for and dance are in immediate samba dancers this is perfect for endurance, integrating with the music no stops) and learning the samba schools dances styles of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. For a high endurance work-out

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Casa Samba uses these rhythms during regular rehearsals.  This CD goes hand in hand with some of the choreography used in our performances as well as training new dancers.  This music was recorded by Curtis Pierre, Jorge Alabe and some of the members of Casa Samba.  The CD starts out with a very soothing warm-up tempo used either for stretching or warming up the muscles.  This CD also has a samba at a very slow tempo to make it easy for beginners to learn to samba, and for the professional. This CD has a number of different high-energy traditional Brazilian rhythms.  These rhythms can be used for running a dance class, exercise class and to choreograph samba routines.

Samba Cabula Track 5


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