9.)ZUMBA PRA CA (cool down). This half which has a break in order you to start your cool down mode it has the feel of being on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean or South America listening to Ocean sounds and basically this helps you to do your cool down exercises and or stretches. This song is also good for meditations relaxing try to put yourself in another space and time other than the one you are in now. Hope hope that you’ll enjoy the music thank you for your consideration of buying my music peace and blessings to you.

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Description of my album the Bushman CD Some of the instruments featured or E-MU Xl-7, ASR X Pro, Krog M1, Roland Sound Pad-80, Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Mambo Bell, Guiro, Surdo (1st-2nd-3rd), Repiqe, Caixa, Platinella, Agogo, Triangle, Cuica, Berimbau, Shakere, Djembe, Timbau, Djune Djune, Fontun Fon, set of 8ft – 15” Pvc, Atun pons, Udu, Bird calls, Ocean wave maker, Shakers and other different percussion.


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