This program is a special addition to CASA SAMBA’s exciting menu of choices that from start to finish will enhance your employee’s ability to work effectively as a team, build self esteem, break down barriers and improve team spirit. This program will show how one person can work alone to support the group; how one group can support a division or department; and how that division or department can come together to make a company produce a product. Every company has dinners, picnics, functions, outings, etc. to bring their employees closer together. One of the most popular ways is attending a musical event where everyone has a good time. Now think of sponsoring an event that will build self-esteem, comradery, a sense of accomplishment, and more importantly team building!!! Yes, experience all of this while having fun at the same time…


  Throughout the ages, music, rhythmic sounds have been a binding agent of all people. Today, teams catch the rhythm and carry the beat with Music, a fun, innovative tribal team experience that strikes a chord with everyone. Absolutely no musical experience is required to participate. A range of simple instruments transforms team players into musical artists with a powerful message. Brasil has the largest ensemble of percussion instruments outside of Africa. The band called the Bateria, ” which simply means the battery that produces energy. Energy that charges up the samba school. These instruments have to divisions that are made up of ten sections, that consists of about 30 to 70 people per section. All ten sections play ten different parts. They all come together to produce one product called SAMBA. If you think what I just said is a little confusing, imagine what or how some employees think or feel when they become a part of a company for the first time. Especially without fully having an understanding how the company divisions works as a whole.

  With percussion instruments, one can demonstrate on the spot on how employees work with the public; how employees work with managers, how managers work with district managers, and district with CEO’s and so on. Again all coming together to deliver a product. Working with percussion instruments, gives people a closer look of how things work together on a much simpler level. Where they can hear, feel, and see the results, all at one time while having fun.

                               HOW DOES THE TEAM BUILDING FUNCTION WORK?

STEP ONE: Team Leader, that is the General Manager or Manager gives a brief introductory  speech on essential tools needed for working together in an unorthodox manner each member will have an impact on their team’s success 

STEP TWO: After the initial speech of the Team Leader, the master drum instructor gives a brief demonstration on how each instrument is played and what is going to happens when the program starts.

STEP THREE: With the assistance of the percussion instructors, the percussion instruments are distributed to the groups. The groups then are divided into sections. The lead instructor chooses a group leader in each section.

STEP FOUR: A percussion assistant is assigned to a group to begin giving instructions to their assigned group. 

STEP FIVE: The groups have a certain amount of time to get learn their parts and a certain amount of time to assemble as a total unit to play their parts together. This gives the effect of deadlines with a challenge. The percussionist assistant remains with the group during the entire period of the program. 

STEP SIX: The program will culminate into a number of different directions depending on the amount of participants and time allotted. If so desired there can be a competition between the individual groups. If we have 500 people divided into 10 groups and out of the ten groups select the top three.       

                                            Additional Options
  They could be judged for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. The first place winners would be featured in a performance with CASA SAMBA. This program is very versatile and can be designed to function in most organizational structures.

 It can also include samba dance as well. The dance programs are set-up the same as the percussion program. Samba dance instructors are included to assist throughout the program. The dance program will culminate in the same manner as the percussion program. Mardi Gras beads, festive customs accessories, t-shirts and other memorabilia can be added to make a unique and fun experience.(Up to 250 instruments are available for rent. Additional commemorative lightweight instruments can be purchased when given the proper time to order them.